There are 5 sorts of frogos membership-

1. Baught Membership- Costs £5.50 to by membership.

2. Bronze Membership- Anyone can sign up and it is free, but won't give access to all frogos events.

3. Silver Membership- You must either find a frog and send a picture or get in frogos annual video.

4. Gold Membership- You must audition, Get a part in frogos annual video, Be a loyal member, must of had funny and comical experiences with frogs and must have a HD Quality picture of Yourself With A Frog.

5. Platuimum Membership-

You must have a picture of you and a frog and have shown frogos, You must have been in at least 1 frogos annual video, you must of found a frog on the frogos frog finding events, you must be a loyal member of frogos with a lot of vivid memories (E.G. Frogos Annual Video, Finding Frogs, Pictures, Frogos International Meeting). You must have at least 4 high quality pictures of a frog and you (Not nessecerily from frogos). You must have helped organised one frog finding event in frogos. You must have a login on the website and must already be a gold member of frogos before you apply. You cannot buy frogos pltumum membership, you must earn it. You must have been a member of frogos for at least 1 year before you may be nominated as platimum.

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