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Frogos Annual Video is a public event that takes place each year. It is James Jones (Frogos, Caerphilly Schoolboy 11 years old) that invited the people to the event and will video the clips. If any non-members clips make the final editing they will be offered offical frogos membership. There are 2 ways to apply.

1. Fill in the application form on the frogos website- The aplacation form can be found on the frogos website ( If you give a good applacation then you will be offered the chance to come to the frogos events and if there frogos annual video clip makes the final cut then the applicant will be offered a place in the frogos as a member.

2. Fill in the application form and go to find a frog- If you fill in the frogos applacation form on the website you may be asked not to go to the frogos annual video, but to find a frog and email a photo to James Jones ( If you are acceped then you will be offered membership and the picture must have you in it.

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